casino thieves - the quiet road homeThe South Wales based three-piece Casino Thieves are new to me and this is their second EP release. It is a confident and assured second helping boosted by a well-rounded production that veers towards a commercial daytime alternative rock radio tone about it. There is a change to the line up from their debut EP, which now consists of Jeremy Dessent (vocals/guitar), Adam Kerslake (drums), and Leon Jones (bass).

To get a good grasp of the style and influences of Casino Thieves then a list of the following bands will give you a strong inclination as to weather this is your cup of rock or not: Hell is for Heroes, Hundred Reasons, You Me at Six, and Young Guns.

They blast off the blocks with four rousers ‘Halogan Eyes’, ‘Licence to Kill’, ‘Exit or Entrance’ and ‘Crash’ with all the energy and enthusiasm of a new and young band. ‘Exit and Entrance’ is the highlight for me with nods to the Foo Fighters as it slows down and Jeremy repeats the rather good line ‘just take the step that twists and turns with no regrets’ before drums return to move it along to the songs conclusion. The last song ‘Beautiful Lenses’ slows it down to demonstrate they have variation but it never ignites or builds atmosphere.

The main problem is they are not very distinctive from their influences and even though I have heard this six or seven times none of the songs have made any imprint on my memory. But they are fresh on the scene so in time they could well develop their sound or style, which separates them a touch from their peers.

However, Casino Thieves will not sound out of place on daytime Kerrang Radio or to grace the stages of the Reading Festival, as they are similar of style to bands that have played there in recent years. So if the above band influences, radio station, and rock festival attracts you then the Casino Thieves are well worth you checking out.

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