Carcass - Surgical Remission / Surplus SteelWith last years excellent comeback album “Surgical Steel” still fresh in everyone’s mind, Liverpool’s Carcass have brought together an EP that features various bonus tracks from the various different versions of the album along with some unreleased material, titled “Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel”.

The five track release begins with ‘A Wraith In The Apparatus’ and right from the off, we are reminded that this is a band that aren’t afraid to throw a few curveballs with releases. The opener is more reminiscent of “Swansong” than last years more brutal offering. This is followed by ‘Intensive Battery Brooding’, a slower but heavier track, and ‘Zochrot’ which was previously released as a flexi disc with Decibel magazine follow this.

It is track four that seems to have caused a lot of controversy, with ‘Livestock Marketplace’ being criticised from all quarters for singing (well, sort of). Again this harks more back to the ‘Swansong’ era of the band, which although wasn’t what you expected from Carcass, in itself featured some great songs. Frontman Jeff Walker has also released ‘Welcome To Carcass Cuntry’ covers album that featured a similar style. Not a big surprise, just strange hearing it under the Carcass banner though.

It might not be the best material the band have ever released, but I like the idea of bringing everything from those sessions together and finishing that particular album cycle off nicely. This band are a rarity in extreme metal, as they have a few different directions they can go, from the original gore-grind of the early days, through the pioneering melodic death metal of “Heartwork” to the more mainstream metal sound of “Swansong”. It may not be another “Tools Of The Trade”, but I can’t see too much wrong with this release.

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