Sonisphere Festival has always prided itself on having an eclectic bill and this years return installment was no different, the Saturday in particular had a rather jaw dropping array of talent, with everyone from BabyMetal right down to Chas & Dave sharing billing. There was one band that stood out for me on the bill though, the legendary Carcass, a band all at TINAS Towers adore and a band that has made one of the most spectacular comebacks in metal with “Surgical Steel“.

It was with great delight that I awaited the arrival of the band that contributed so much to modern metal, because in mere minutes they would be onstage preparing to melt faces like it’s the early 90’s all over again.

Despite nearly everyone treating hangovers and bangovers from the night before and Mother Nature throwing it down like no one’s business, Carcass took the stage and looked to shake those cobwebs away with a blistering blend of “Surgical Steel” teamed with a couple of classics for good measure.

You can tell that the band is having the time of their lives, and despite half of the band being new members, there is a chemistry at play that harks back to the magic the band had back in the day. It’s almost as if time has stood still and the band has simply unpaused and picked back up from where they left off, all those years ago.

Despite the early start time and a few bewildered faces, the crowd seems more into this than anything else all day, and you can see the pit veterans have made their way down to have some fun today, with circle pits opening up all over the place. This sight clearly pleases the band as Jeff  Walker himself snarls with a massive grin: “This is real live music. No fucking computers or triggers here. All the mistakes, all the bullshit coming out of my mouth. All are real.” It’s a moment that proves even after a 00’s rebirth the band still beats with an old school heart and they won’t change for anyone or anything.

There is an incredibly heartfelt and emotional moment during the bands set where they bring out drummer Ken Owen to thump the skins, and it raises a huge cheer from the crowd, it’s a classy move, honouring the bands brother in arms, and showing that throughout everything he still remains an integral part of the bands continued legacy.

As Carcass‘ time winds down, Jeff Walker expresses his gratitude towards the amassed crowd and engages in some playful banter and giggling with long time cohort Bill Steer, who on this occasion seems to be the one shying away from the spotlight, it’s a nice moment, that with the crushing finale of ‘Heartwork’ brings Carcass‘ set to a triumphant close.

Carcass are a band that will always have a place in my heart and in many ways it’s a minor miracle to see them alive and well again, but also still creating cutting edge music, as well as managing to still level everything in their path with their live show as well. Bring on Bloodstock Festival for round 2!

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