Capture the Crown - Reign of TerrorThis will feel like an important moment for Sydney’s Capture the Crown who are on the comeback trail only two albums in to their career. Dropped by Sumerian Records after their debut album ”Til Death”, they released a crowd funded EP before being picked up by Artery Records who are releasing ”Reign of Terror”.

Harsher and more precious metal fans will tell you that the bands debut was basically a wholesale co-op of Asking Alexandria‘s metalcore meets glitchy electronica sound. It’s not a style I’m particularly fond of but not being an expert I can at least at listen to this follow up without playing spot the stolen riff.

I personally find their style jarring, leaping from guttural metalcore to shiny pop hooks, it at times sounds like someone switching channels on the radio mid-song. To be fair the clean vocals part are at least memorable, with several of them lodged in my brain after only a couple of plays. To my mind ‘To Whom It May Concern’ is well executed modern metal with  almost de rigueur mix of crushing brutality and nihilism with those clean vocals on the chorus for the secret One Direction fans. On ‘Beat the Blade’ however the semi-spoken clean parts by Jeffrey Wellfare sound so juvenile that he is utterly unconvincing when passing on wisdom or expressing undying love and it creates a credibility gap.

‘Make War, Not Love’ pushes the envelope a little by adding black metal to the mix and really going heavy on the glitchtronica. Those pretty vocals return at the end though, just to reassure you that they are nice boys really. Something reaffirmed by next and final track ‘Janina’ – a sad little acoustic lament which is as soppy as an Andrex puppy. And here’s the problem again with credibility – I believe that song more than the sturm und drang of the majority of the album. I don’t believe them when they sing songs like ‘I Hate You’ – I think they’re playing at being scary and tough and they’re wearing someone else’s hockey mask and holding someone else’s kitchen knife when they try.

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