Bury Tomorrow - RunesAfter catching these guys in the Pepsi Max tent at Download 2013 during their “Union of Crowns” tour, I have to say that Bury Tomorrow have been a favourite of mine since.

But, as with many new releases, I don’t immediately like new material. So, when they released their “Runes” teaser, ‘Man on Fire’ I, like many others, clicked play and watched/ listened with anticipation; it didn’t disappoint. Distinctly different than “Union” and by no means any less captivating.

‘Man on Fire’ is the opening song on “Runes” and Dani’s voice seems somewhat deeper and more focussed, his growls are far more intense and this together with Dawsons’ guitar adds a real frenetic pace to the track and is perfectly accompanied by Jason’s clean vocals; a cracking start.

‘Shadow, A Creator’ maintains the pace and features a really melodic centre, it’s hard and heavy, yet beautiful. ‘The Torch’ seems to be more of a nod to the stuff on “Union” but the riffs are definitely heaver and both the vocals are harder.

Far and away the best song on the album is ‘The Watcher’. The mix of both vocal styles, together with impressive guitars and brutal drums, clearly makes this the heaviest song, I think, Bury Tomorrow have ever done. It has stunning clean vocals and truly relentless guitars; the perfect recipe for a metalcore track!

‘Our Gift’ continues the theme and pace with ferocious growls and properly riffy guitars and an ace solo or two for good measure. Similarly ‘Dark Water’ and ‘Another Journey’ follows the methodology, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The band seem tighter, their concepts and ideas are executed superbly, whilst keeping true to what Bury Tomorrow do best.

‘Under the Sun’ provides a change in tempo, slowing things down a tad in pace but not losing the focus of the theme followed thus far. ‘Year of the Harvest’ rips into an opening riff and such a vicious pace that it definitely makes you pay attention.

‘Garden of Thorns’ starts out with a chuggier guitar riff and is definitely is heavily driven by bass too. After some of the previous tracks, ‘Garden’ does sound like it’s on a lower RPM but sets itself up nicely to lead into the acoustic track ‘Divine Breath’. This style of song has almost become a signature stamp for Bury Tomorrow and particularly provides a showcase for Jason’s impressive vocal style; albeit not as strong as ‘Relief’ from “Portraits”, it still provides some beautiful moments.

‘Of Glory’ picks everything back up again and throws everything back at you; heavy riffs, blistering drums, chuggy bass, growls and a heartfelt chorus.

The final track is ‘Last of the Ice’ and leads with Jason’s vocals and riffs a plenty from Dawson, Dani’s growls (in some places) make him sound like a salty sea dog who has smoked 40 a day for the last 60 years; I think you could call it gruff.

In summary and I don’t mean to sound ‘fangirly’ (I’m way too old for that shit) this record will definitely help Bury Tomorrow to cement their status as one of the UK’s finest metalcore bands. It’s an awesome album that has, in true Bury Tomorrow style, grasped onto a demi-theme that is so well thought out and executed it will surely catapult the band to the next level. I for one, can’t wait to see this, they deserve good things!

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