Bury Tomorrow are being hailed by many as the future of metalcore in 2014 and beyond, and truth be told I’ve never really seen what all the fuss is about. Nothing about Bury Tomorrow has really stood out to me at all, but given the fact that most of the band is local to where I live and they were bumped from second to main stage, I decided I would go along and see them, to see if I could be converted.

Fair play to the boys themselves, because they did play a bit of a blinder, and they made an amazing use of their time, bringing the first dose of pure energy to the main stage on the Saturday. Whilst musically I’m not convinced still, performance wise I think that Bury Tomorrow took things to another level, showcasing a true sense that one day they could be even higher on the bill than they are today.

They get some gnarly circle pits going, as well as making the security earn their pay cheques during ‘Lionheart’ by getting waves upon waves of people to crowd surf over the barrier, creating an amazing looking scene.

I was sceptical when I saw Bury Tomorrow listed as a main stage act, but, I’m happy to say, was pleasantly surprised. They more than held their own and proved to be a genuine Saturday afternoon highlight!

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Photo credit: Derek Bremner