Bullet - Storm of BladesMen with a penchant for beard-stroking and blowing smoke up their own ass will try hard to convince you that heavy metal is a darkly cerebral art form, its relics and icons curated by wizards in Hogwarts. It might be true of Yes, but Yes aren’t heavy metal are they?

Heavy metal is essentially pretty stupid and beautiful in its dumbass simplicity. Swedish skull bashers Bullet grasp that simple fact in much the same way the likes of Anvil and Krokus did and they make no apologies for it. Why should they? They sound like they’re having a hell of a lot more fun than Yes ever did.

Bullet’s fifth offering doesn’t venture far from the sound and themes of the previous four. A bit of AC/DC groove; a lot of pre-‘Painkiller’ Priest and throat-burning vocals ripped from the recently discovered hellmouth in Udo’s backyard are the order of the day and propel three minute thrillers like ‘Riding High’ and ‘Hawk Eyes’ so successfully that the songs become virtually irresistible.

As disposable and throwaway as these songs may be, the all-important catch is that contrary to what the bedroom elitists might tell you, this stuff is incredibly difficult to do well. If it were easy, your mate’s garage band would have written ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ and ‘Breaking The Law’ but they didn’t. Bullet get it, live it, breathe it and most likely, shit it too.

Eleven songs, no filler and nothing remotely resembling a ballad. We can call that a hard-rocking job well done.

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