No band has done more of a u-turn in the last few years than Bring Me The Horizon. From being an out and out deathcore band that sounded sludgier and murkier than the worst of swamps of New Orleans, to being Radio One’s rock band of choice. It’s impressive to say least, but there are moments when they still remain unconvincing and, sadly, as the band makes their main stage debut at Download, they go out with a whimper more than a bang.

The songs from last year’s excellent “Sempiternal” sound great when you can make them out, but this is a band that seems to be on autopilot. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seem Bring Me The Horizon play absolute blinders and when the mood strikes them they can, but today, a lack of enthusiasm, coupled with sound problems, just feeds the naysayers more than anything else.

Armed with more production than they usually have and with an array of songs that could and rightfully should make them megastars, it seems that the only thing holding them back is the band themselves and their inconsistent attitude when it comes to playing.

It also bears saying that when your stage banter involves calling your audience cunts every five minutes, you probably aren’t going to win anyone over. For me, on this day, one of the sets I was most looking forward to just lacked that spark to make it as great as it could have been. Still, there are some people, in certain circles, that will still hail the band as Britain’s great rock hope and still give them rave reviews no matter how badly they play, so really why should they make the effort?

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Photo credit: Andrew Whitton