blueneck - king nine“King Nine,” from Blueneck, is some hybrid of post-rock soundscapes and pop melodies. Where the self indulgences of musics deeper, wider and more interesting prospects lie the combination of catchy melodies turns this release closer to the progressive rock likeness of Porcupine Tree or The Pineapple Thief, minus heavier guitars.

‘Counting Out’ is enough to go on to make you feel good, yet the chord structure swerves away from the melody at points and the dissonance expands the mood away from happy-go-Larry and into something with more feeling. The ‘pop’ melodies shouldn’t be taken to literally, it’s simple dotted about well with fetching passages and memorabilia instead of a satisfying wash of music with nothing to cling onto. It does however further the expansive horizons, ‘Sirens’ darkens the vibe towards its dying minutes and ‘Man of Lies’ “percussion” and synth induced intro lend a new wave of allure.

What it lacks is a true evolution of dynamics. It washes over pretty gently and is a soothing hour long ride but asides from ‘Counting Out’ and various other parts it doesn’t have enough melody to keep the piece moving perfectly. That being said it isn’t meant to jump up and down and it definitely achieves it’s goals. More memorable phrases would be welcome but the hour long piece is a joyous self-reflecting piece of music that definitely invokes emotions not usually lifted in day to day life.

The closure ‘Anything Other Than Breathing’ is, however, nothing short of beautiful. Wonderfully constructed and a great way to build on all the addressed concepts of the album in one final send off.

Well constructed and somewhat beautiful. Though lacking in enough melody and real power, it’s delicacy is what makes it stand out.

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