Blues Pills - Live At RockpalastI have to say I’m a bit baffled by this release, Blues Pills second on Nuclear Blast. After the “Devil Man” EP, excitement levels amongst their fans were high, mainly at the prospect of an album sometime soon. Instead we have a live EP, an unsatisfactory stop-gap type of move if ever I saw one. Not that live recordings don’t serve the band well, it’s just not what everyone wants at this point. The album is on its way though, according to the bands webpage on the Nuclear Blast site.

And so to the music, and as to be expected the band produce more authentic, heritage rock to make the purists salivate. The songs are fine without ever being particularly memorable and when Elin Larsson isn’t singing the band noodle about in typical Jimi Hendrix Experience fashion. In fact, I found my mind wandering whenever the band were unaccompanied which totally reinforced my suspicions that without Larsson this lot couldn’t get arrested at a 1960’s Republican Party rally pushing a wheelbarrow load of pot and acid around dressed as Grace Slick and Malcolm X.

‘Little Sun’ does showcase Larsson‘s incredible voice well, building from torch song croon to full on Janis Joplin soulful rocker, but the other three tracks here are pretty unremarkable without being bad, the lively drumming of Cory Berry being the only other thing of note across these performances.

Yes, they sound like they love what they do and yes, they can play with occasional flair but really, if it wasn’t for the patronage of a lot of ageing Classic Rock readers this lot would be playing bars in Scandinavia to a few old heads in Doors t-shirts forever more.

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