It’s never too early in the morning for some thrashing tech-death, and homegrown talent Bloodshot Dawn provide it in spades. They have come in leaps and bounds since their Metal To The Masses days, having hopped from Bloodstock’s unsigned stage to the Sophie stage to now opening the stage, quite a feat in itself. They take to this stage under a hail of machine gunfire, which turns into machine gun-like drumming as first song ‘Beckoning Oblivion’ slams into high gear. The double-bass pounds out the speakers at a remarkable pace, and sparks the first circle pit of the day. We’re off.

Vocalist Josh McMorran laps up the support, instigating further pit riots throughout their set, while barking the lyrics out in his gruff tone. He is also fairly handy on the guitar, laying down solid thrashing groove or top-end melodic guitar harmonies with his fellow axeman Ben Ellis, and they trade off each other well on ‘Vision’ and ‘Illusion Aesthetic’. Meanwhile, bassist Anthony Ridout and drummer Janne Jaloma are the relentless rhythm section the band need, providing a sturdy musical backbone.

By this point it emerges that Jaloma, who’s been blasting soundwaves, is actually on his first gig with the band, and what better way to inaugurate him than bringing out previous drummer Doug Anderson (now with Unfathomable Ruination) to do vocals on ‘The Quantum Apocalypse’? Anderson does a grand job with his brutal growls, and is heartily thanked by band and crowd for it.

To shake things up, McMorran drops the promise of an upcoming album entitled “Demons”, and Bloodstock is treated to new song ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, a suitably earth-shaking teaser that signifies the new material will be at least as top-notch as their début. Keep an eye out for that in October.

Closing with a bang on the magnificent and lightning-fast ‘Godless’, Bloodshot Dawn make it abundantly clear that their career is firmly in ascent, this performance being a stepping stone to much bigger things in the future. Death metal enthusiasts receive more than their fill in this 40-minute set.

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Bloodstock – Official Website

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal