Beneath The Watchful Eyes – We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts Exploded“We held our breath until our hearts exploded” by Beneath The Watchful Eyes is a remarkable album, one I’ll readily admit to becoming rather obsessed with. It is imaginative, boundary-pushing post rock that would easily win over the genre’s most hardened detractors with its display of energy & enthusiasm.

I was won over easily (I’m not a ’hardened detractor’ by any means) & have had the album on near-constant repeat along with Sleepstream‘s latest. Lately, the output from Fluttery Records has been first class and “We held our breath until our hearts exploded” by Beneath The Watchful Eyes is no exception. This is a great album.

Now, I know ‘great’ is a big word and it takes something special to qualify for greatness. I believe this album qualifies. Over 48 minutes, Beneath The Watchful Eyes create some truly exceptional soundscapes based on dynamics and imaginative expression. Whilst dynamics are the core of any post-rock album … loud & quiet, hard & soft, noisy & melodious, fast & slow … not every post-rock album displays the same level of imaginative expression that is presented on “We held our breath until our hearts exploded”. The fluidity of the music along with the electronics really helps to set this album apart, and it is in the use of electronics that I find particularly fascinating.

“We held our breath until our hearts exploded” features the usual frenetic guitars and drums as I’ve come to expect from the post-rock genre … but on top of these walls of sound they have added synths and glitchy beats to give the music a ’big beat’ feel that is simply entrancing. Not satisfied with this, however, Beneath The Watchful Eyes have shaped some haunting atmospheric soundscapes and introduced the most delightful of melodious piano to create something very special indeed, in fact I’d go so far as to say this album is a joy to listen to.

No track stands out because they are all exceptional in their own way. This is an album best consumed in a single sitting, preferably with good headphones or a meaningful hi-fi.

The only album I’ve heard that comes close to the overall spectacle of “We held our breath until our hearts exploded” is 65daysofstatic‘s 2013 album “Wild Light” … one of my fave albums of 2013. Whilst it would be pure conjecture to suggest Beneath The Watchful Eyes were influenced by “Wild Light”, I will happily go on record as someone who readily welcomes this new trend. Post Rock needs innovation to remain vital & alive and I welcome any innovation that helps ensure the longevity of what is one of my favourite genres of music.

“We held our breath until our hearts exploded” by Beneath The Watchful Eyes is a remarkable album, full of dynamics & imagination. I cannot fault this album & loved every single second of it’s 48 minute duration. Fluttery are on to another winner and I wish everyone involved every success.

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