Beastmilk - ClimaxWith riffs far larger then their counterparts of the 80’s, Beastmilk pair psychobilly style vocals and The Cure like sentiments with an intimate caress of dark and gothic lyrical content.  Formed in Finland in 2010, their first full length album “Climax” was released on November 29th, 2013, in the EU/UK by Svart Records and in the US by Magic Bullet; recorded at GodCity Studio with the ever popular Kurt Ballou of Converge fame, not to mention his ever growing list of successful engineering accomplishments.

Notably, ‘The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls’ captivates with a lead hook so catchy it prompts an in-depth trance, chaining you to your eternal desires. ‘You are Now Under Our Control’ has a strong Bauhaus vibe with a touch of Danzig.  A blend of which, made it the first track to grab me on “Climax.”  The drum beat, which seems mimics a clap for much of the album, begs for participation and rhythmically propels you to sway in the night. Guitars bend and bleed in Shoegazey waves that wash over the track beautifully.  My latest favourite, ‘Love in a Cold World,’ has an uncanny resemblance to The Cure in their intro but adds the gothic element of love and the bleakness to balance out the sentiments on the album.

This is easily the most memorable album of 2013 for me and not because it only came out near the end of the year.  As a debut full-length album, for the lyrics and rhythm to be stuck my head to the point where I hum them throughout the day, over crappy radio hits and in moments of silence, it’s staying power is concrete. For those who enjoyed 80’s goth rock, darkwave, post-punk or always wished Danzig was a little darker, Beastmilk‘s “Climax” is essential. They’ve essentially risen this musical tone back to the top of the alternative charts and if this albums success is of any insight, this won’t be the last we see of Beastmilk for sure.

One topic remains untouched however. The matter of which, would be there name.  Let’s be honest now.  How many of you read it first as Breastmilk?  If you were one of those who managed to use your literary skills correctly without your brain’s persuasion, I salute you, for over half of the people I’ve spoke to had initially made or were completely unaware of their constant mistake.  We are mere humans alas, forever in search of that nurturing nectar to suckle upon.  Beastmilk, be it a fine name, intriguing even, could as well have been Breastmilk and it wouldn’t have changed a thing.  This album still rocks the darkwaves of the night.

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