Bastions - Bedfellows Part 2: The Forgotten DaughterBastions are one of the bands that have often been at the forefront of the current crop of UK hardcore. On this, the follow up to Part 1 of the EP  ‘The Bastard Son’ it’s obvious why the band are held in such high regard. The four piece from North Wales have certainly released a statement of intent with this five track.

First track ‘Empty Vessel’ hints at what is to come and the different directions the band take on this EP. It is on ‘Foreign Bodies’ where the band really open up and show the full power of Bastions. Two and a half minutes long, a short sharp blast of fury that for me is the stand out track on here.

The rest of the EP shows the expansive talent of the band, and hints at where the band has drawn their influences. Most prominent to me is an early Will Haven vibe. Angry and chaotic with a strong melody holding it all together, It stays well clear of becoming too diluted and losing its edge. Closing track ‘Murmuring’ has a more minimal, bluesy sound, but still keeps that air of menace around.

Bastions are a band that I must admit it took me a while to fully appreciate, but on this release, they really show that they mean business and that there hard work is paying off. They shouldn’t be too far from really taking off in a big way on this form, and I can imagine these tracks being pretty explosive live too.

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