Bastard-Noise-Lack-of-Interest-splitBastard Noise/Lack of Interest - SplitWhile full length releases may still be the most commercially viable way for bands to have their music reach a larger audience, grindcore has never given two shits for convention, which is why most bands of this genre worth their salt are fans of the humble split release, for what could be better than pairing up with a band of similar aural violence for the purposes of getting your songs out there sharpish? It’s the economy, stupid.

Which brings us to the new split between Bastard Noise and Lack of Interest. After a recent ill-received split with grind daddies Brutal Truth, Bastard Noise are obviously eager to set things straight, which they do with four tracks of uncomfortable, jarring grind that sounds like a fight between the members of Unsane and Man is the Bastard at a sci-fi convention. Now featuring the talents of Brutal Truth sticksman Rich Hoak behind the kit, the band are no one trick pony as the likes of the near eight minute ‘Denial Mastered’ features all manner of tempo changes, messed-up time signatures and seething unease, while the likes of ‘The Time Shifter’ shows how the band can still grind n’ roll with the best of them.

Lack of Interest have, appropriately given their name, no interest in re-inventing the wheel or eschewing convention; they’re here to show what modern powerviolence has to offer, which they do over the course of twelve nasty little rippers that only twice breach the one-minute mark. There’s a real punk feel to these brief blasts of anger and even a couple of riffs and vocal lines that you may remember a day or two later, but for the most part it’s pure aggro filth, with what little there is tailor made for fans of Siege and Despise You.

So if you need some new grindcore or powerviolence in your miserable life, and let’s be honest, when wouldn’t this be the case, snap up a copy of this ultra-limited release before it’s gone forever.

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