Avenged Sevenfold - Waking The Fallen 10th Anniversary coverOn the 26th August 2013 a young bunch of wiper snappers by the name of Avenged Sevenfold released what to many is one of the best metalcore albums ever recorded in the form of their sophomore effort “Waking The Fallen”. More than a decade later and that bunch of kids, that, just under ten years ago were playing gigs at The Underworld in London have done alright for themselves I would say, notching up two US number one albums and headlining last year’s Download Festival to name just a couple of their achievements.

But after all these years, does their breakthrough album last the test of time and still stand up to how it did at the time. In short yes it does. Once this second wave of metalcore (While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men, and Bury Tomorrow etc.) comes to an end I am confident that “Waking The Fallen” will still have its place as one of the five best metalcore albums as well as being the creative pinnacle of Avenged Sevenfold’s career.

The album still contains some of the bands best material today including the iconic ‘Unholy Confessions’ which still ends or appears in the encore of every show the band play and still sounds as colossal as ever. The album also boasts the bands best ballad to date with ‘I Won’t See You Tonight Part One’ which for my money still has Synyster Gates best guitar solo to date which elevates the song into the higher echelons of the bands output. The album is also the last to feature the typical metalcore tropes that the band used in their early days, with the breakdowns and harsh vocals being phased out over the following albums in favour of more anthemic vocals and thrash metal influences.

Even after these years “Waking The Fallen” still has the impact it had on its initial release. The songs are still as strong, the riffs are still as frantic as ever and most importantly the chorus’ are still as majestic and arena ready as they were when they were first written. A real classic of the metalcore genre.

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