Italian power metal first thing in the morning is part of a recipe for an instant grin on the face, and Arthemis have got it in the bag. Having graduated from the Sophie Stage in 2009 and 2011, the band are in a great mood as they hit the main stage. The crowd may be cold due to the rain, but they give a warm reception regardless.

They may only have time for five songs, but they make them count. Relatively new vocalist Fabio Dessi asserts his presence with powerful lungs, starting out with the thrash-flecked ‘Scars On Scars’. His accent is endearing as he regales the crowd and spurs them on through the dark and twisted grooves of ‘7 Days’, his baritone vocals carrying well across the field.

While the musicians are more focused on their performance than their stagecraft, it allows Fabio to play the crowd with Mexican waves, throwing horns and all the other tropes of heavy metal shows. Being Italians, they naturally love a good crowd reaction, and it’s not long before the crowd are clapping along to new track ‘Blood Of Generations’, or the catchy parts of closer ‘Vortex’.

Due to its brevity, Arthemis‘ set serves as a teaser to the band’s style. Consider it mission accomplished, as there were distinctly more people watching by the end of the set than at the beginning, even more impressive given it was raining the whole time. Congratulations on an engaging set, here’s to hoping for more sunshine next time.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal