Ana Never - Live for the very first time The greatest compliment you can give a live recording such as “Live for the very first time (Live in Mini Club, Subotica, 2-26-2004)” by Ana Never, released on the exemplary Fluttery Records label, is to say, “I wish I was there”.

We’ve all wanted to be “there” … as a keen Queen fan in my younger days, I dreamed of being at Wembley or Rio. More recently, with the rise of NYCTAPER, I have longed to be in NYC to hear bands like Mogwai & Sigur Rós do their thing in front of an appreciative audience. Now I have one more place to wish for.

“Live for the very first time” was recorded, as the extended title suggests, at the Mini Club in Ana Never‘s home town of Subotica. It was recorded 10 years ago and released earlier this year as a wee gesture of appreciation to their fans.

As the liner notes state: it comes today as it is; a very raw recording, without mixing and mastering. This explains the sound but also explains why this is one of the best live recordings I’ve heard in a while, certainly on par with the best from NYCTAPER. Its rawness is a real strength; one that real makes me wish I was there.

Musically you are hearing a band in their early days, a band young & eager to express themselves. It is a cracking set with tracks such as ‘Future Wife’ & ‘Gorgeous One’ impressing on me their skill & understanding of the dynamics favoured in post rock music.

This is a set that needs to be experienced, one that will best suit existing fans but will also act as an entry point to their music for new listeners. It is raw but then that’s part of the joy.

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