Alterbeast - ImmortalMusic follows mood and mood follows life and when life is rocky sometimes you just have to bring the death metal. There really is nothing as therapeutic as good death metal to work out your aggressions. Debut death metal dealers, Alterbeast, seem to fill that need for aggressive hate fueled music.Their opening career salvo comes in the form of “Immortal” and one hint this is definately technical death metal style on this release.

I must confess I do not mind the so called “technical” style of death metal, it adds some flavor and layers to the style. Alterbeast opens with ‘Flesh Bound Text’ and we are right away treated to a well executed style of semi-clean singing and growling in dual. The note flair displayed by the guitars, certainly shows this is technical. Nice sweeps and runs that really add nice flavor to the brutality. Drums and bass are there in machine gun speed and precision. The backing riffs are there and wonderful. If this is just the opener I cant wait to get balls deep into this thing.

As we move through the tracks ‘Of Decimus Divine’, ‘Vile Remnants’, ‘Ancients Retribution’, we are treated to the same brand of flash, furry, and fast precise beats and notes. There is no air of sameness here for me. Each track has its own personality, and really gets the heart rate up with its in your face delivery, emotion and truth. This certainly will rank among one of the most well executed death metal releases this year.

Having been listening to loads of Behemoth and finding that on “The Satanist” and “The Apostasy” the closers of both of those releases were some of the best work on the album. Let’s see if ‘Throne of Maggots’ ranks at all among my favorites “Immortal”. Well I have to say that yeah this is one of the highlights for me. In retrospect after many spins this track seems to capture the emotion and feel of the band for me on this release. The riffing is a little more on the lower end, and there are some nice drum and bass flairs on this one. There is even some interesting tempo changes as well. Like a gloriously rotten metal treat at the end, it definitely leaves me wanting more from this release.

All in all, Alterbeast, have nailed it on their debut release. If this is the level and style of music we can expect I can only hope that they are locked in the studio writing even more material for their next album. I realize that technical death metal is not to everyone’s taste, it may be too polished for some but I urge everyone to give this one a go, it’s got some brutal music, the vocals are delivered with sheer rage and emotion. This will no doubt end up on my year end list, at the heart of it all, this makes me want to rage and break shit and to me that is the ultimate test of extreme metal. Well done Alterbeast!

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