AC/DC - Rock Or BustPlenty of people accuse of AC/DC of releasing the same album since the titanic “Back in Black”. It’s a fair argument but that doesn’t stop them from having a great number of classic tracks released in the period.

“Rock or Bust” follows a similar trend of having an album with a couple great party anthems, amongst a huge mixed bag. In a short half hour(ish) release however it’s enjoyable for the most part. Though they won’t be writing any classics anytime soon, the title track and ‘Play Ball’ that open the album are vibrant and fun. AC/DC aren’t out to impress anybody with skills, song writing, or wondrously angelic vocals. They practically embody everything to do with hard rock and are a keystone for the genre. Their lack of development reasserts this fact.

At such a short length, reminiscent of many classic albums of the golden age, it’s easy to listen to in a breeze. Whilst it’s not bad and is just a quick bag of happy tricks, the minimal development, though reminds you of how great AC/DC are, unfortunately begs the question “why don’t I just listen to “Back in Black”?. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of freshness and though you won’t be throwing out your collection to make room for this anytime soon, it’s great to hear something new from one of the worlds oldest rocking bands.

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