Aborted - The Necrotic ManifestoAfter a brief and ill-received dalliance with the dreaded deathcore crowd in 2008, there was a danger that Belgian brutalists Aborted would find themselves in that small but ignominious club of artists whose fans would never forgive them for releasing an album that deviated too strongly from their core sound. Thankfully, after a few strong words, the quintet re-grouped and returned to familiar pastures on 2012’s crushing “Global Flatline” and look to be continuing in the same vein on new album “The Necrotic Manifesto”, a forty two minute exercise in relentlessly vicious grind-infused death metal.

After a quasi-horror film sounding intro, the assault begins in style with the ferocious attack of ‘The Extirpation Agenda’ which is quite simply classic Aborted; serrated riffs that switch between light speed intensity and thick chugs, rapid and invasive percussion, and lunatic, wasp-sucking vocals from frontman Sven de Caluwe, not so much a human being as a six foot jugular vein perpetually on the verge of bursting. After barely three minutes we’re onto the monstrously enjoyable title track with its sick grooves and free-flowing solos while the speedy riffing and thick grunts of ‘An Enumeration of Cadavers’ is uglier than a three week dead corpse left in the sun to bake.

The replacement of both guitarists so soon after the well received “Global Flatline” was seen as a risky move in some quarters but new bods Danny Tunker and Mendel bij de Leij have fitted in like two new blades in Freddy Krueger’s glove; their taut and visceral riffs eviscerating ear drums with ease for the duration of the record. There is still the odd hint of deathcore lurking in there but instead of being an excuse for substandard skill, here it is used for devastating low end heft as the monstrous breakdown of ‘Coffin Upon Coffin’ demonstrates. Otherwise there is little variation until closing track ‘Cenobites’ which adopts a gut-wrenching crawl through filth to end things on a creepy and unsettling note.

Those expecting anything other than straight up, unrelenting intensity, unvarnished gore and no-frills extremism will be sorely disappointed but what the fuck do you expect from an Aborted record? This is thoroughly nasty death metal that still has a point to prove, so if you found the last Carcass record a tad too tame, give “The Necrotic Manifesto” a spin and experience goremageddon once more.

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