Aborted Fetus – Private Judgement DayIn death metal circles, bands that dub themselves as the ‘Slam’ variety are not exactly noted for their innovation or their diversity. Usually such bands have quite the rigid formula which, bar some exceptions of course, shows no veering off of or going against the grain. Not necessarily a problem if you can make sure that you’re writing strong, even grin-inducing, songs (step forward the likes of Devourment and Pathology); a factor that apparently Aborted Fetus did not bother with.

“Private Judgement Day” sees the Russians following the same path that their two previous albums trod before with so little evolution to their sound that you could quite literally replace this with anything they have done previously without anyone even noticing. All the songs once more flit between fast-paced to a mid-speed plod with no sense of differentiation whatsoever. Coupled with the monotonous and completely inaudible pig squeal vocals, which once again show no variation in the slightest, and you have death metal at its most derivative and tedium to the point of near-parody as it hides behind a plethora of gruesome, OTT titles instead of providing any musical substance. The only good point is the mercifully short running time.

In a year which already promises exquisite, gourmet extreme albums, “Private Judgement Day” is the equivalent of the worst supermarket branded ingredients thrown in and served without care or presentation, and about as fun as the bout of food poisoning that is bound to follow.

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