When one thinks of lunchtime entertainment, the name Aborted may not instantly come to mind. However, these Belgian death metal maniacs are just the right accompaniment to a hearty if over-priced meal. The quintet hit the stage with vigour to the horror-filled classical strains that lead into ‘Meticulous Invagination’, and the show begins with a bang.

Barrelling through their chosen tracks, the word ‘relentless’ crops up several times as a descriptor: the honed riffs, the guttural vocals, the bass drops that are felt more than heard. Everything slots together like a surgical jigsaw, as ‘The Holocaust Incarnate’ slips into ‘Coffin Upon Coffin’. Sven de Caluwé has long been established as a vocalist with monstrous abilities, and there’s no letdown here: his facial expressions convey the sheer force of the grunts and squeals that emerge from his lungs.

Almost in direct contrast, the musicians seem rather relaxed about the whole thing, simply enjoying the view of the moshpit. Mendel bei de Leij strolls around the stage like it’s no bother cranking out the pummeling riffs, while Danny Tunker and JB van der Wal are happy to headbang to the brute force breakdowns. Drummer Ken Bedene even adds a little sense of humour as he performs in a red bobble-hat, effortlessly hitting each stroke and blast. The overall sound is enormous, decimating and stupendously fun.

As the band round out on ‘Sanguine Verses (…Of Extirpation)’ and ‘The Saw And The Carnage Done’ from their glorious “Goremageddon” album, there is a sense of satisfaction: an operation well done, with satisfied lobotomised patients and some very happy surgeons. No need to abort this mission.

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Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal