A Silent Escape - Black Heart It’s nice to see a band bringing the Gothenburg sound back to metalcore. Over the past few years metalcore has fell into a sonic ditch with lots of bands becoming too polished and indistinguishable from each other. Thankfully, A Silent Escape have given the sound a shot to the arm.

Their new album “Black Heart” blends the common trends of modern metalcore with meaty breakdowns, vibrant choruses and chunky riffs, with the harsher sound of early Gothenburg scene, taking influences from bands like In Flames and At The Gates.

The album’s beefy production makes it sound as big as any band in contemporary metalcore and borrows the trait of making everything larger than a showdown between Godzilla and Dave Mustaine‘s ego.

Despite the harshness of the sound the album isn’t completely without accessibility. The track ‘The Last Song’ packs an anthemic chorus that, although sounds clean and catchy, avoids becoming whiny and weak like so many clean vocals do.

Overall, “Black Heart” is a nice slab of metalcore that, although harps back to the traditional melodic death metal sound, is still very accessible to the fans of the Parkway Drive‘s and The Ghost Inside‘s of the world.

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