One thing you can never accuse Damnation Festival of is boring or predictable line-ups. Stage to stage often has vastly different scenes and sounds represented and this year delivered another eclectic line up, especially on the Eyesore Merch stage, where Leeds own A Forest Of Stars proved that metal can be one of the most open minded scenes at times.

They brought their unique brand of psychedelic folk infused black metal to the smallest room in the venue and in doing so provided something completely different to any other band on the day. The members crowded onto the tiny stage and in doing so created an almost claustrophobic, yet theatrical performance that pleased many of the people crowded into the venue.

A Forest Of Stars were another band to suffer from poor sound at times, but they fought it well and from where I was, it didn’t seem to hold them back to much. Mister Curse’s vocals boomed out above the minimalist riffs and accompanying violin. I got the feeling that there was something lacking from the show, maybe it was the short set on a really small stage to held them back a little, but they did more than enough for me to need to check them out again.

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