3 Inches of Blood - Warriors of the Great White NorthThis 50-minute documentary follows life on the road with Canadian metallers 3 Inches of Blood on a long trek across their native Canada on a tour with Cancer Bats, including a homecoming show in Vancouver. Starting off with each member of the band talking about what life in the band means to them, it soon becomes apparent that the band are a pretty tight unit. It soon follows the same pattern of boozing and backstage antics as most other on-the-road docs, but the smaller scale is a refreshing change from normal.

During one point on the road, they find Frontline Assembly playing in the same town so 3 Inches of Blood guitarist/vocalist Justin Hagberg joins the band onstage to play through tracks he wrote with them. He also shows off the souvenirs he likes to collect from stopping at hotels whilst on tour, finding the Bibles and ripping out page 666 from each one. It is cool to see one of these films from a smaller bands point of view, with no jets and luxury; even comfort takes a back seat for them most of the time.

It may not be the riotous, drug and alcohol fuelled rampage that Pantera’s legendary home videos did so well, and it may not give too much away or feature any songs in full, but at least it isn’t a band wallowing in their own ego and self-importance a la “Some Kind Of Monster”. Just life on the road with a normal band of normal people, having to deal with the prospect of 10/15 hour drives to the next show crammed in a van with four other people. The type of thing that I guess builds the camaraderie on show between the band members.

Warriors of the Great White North – Official Website