Zombiefication - Reapers ConsecrationMexican death metallers Zombiefication, a duo comprising of Mr Hitchcock on vocals and Mr Jacko on bass (ably assisted by Messrs. Kim & Brain on guitar and Mr Hammer on drums) offered up this EP as a precursor to their “At The Caves Of Eternal” album and on this form that album should definitely be worth checking out.

Traditional no holds barred death metal is the order of the day on “Reapers Consecration”. It is gloriously old school, with its feet firmly planted in the 90‘s. This release combines the sparse, raw production of that periods black metal, along with the filthy, doom encrusted tones of Autopsy with a melodious side which offers more than a nod to the Scandinavian sound of Dismember, At The Gates and vintage Entombed.

The five tracks here are well balanced sound wise, not too polished and soaked in a thick distortion, the vocals guttural but legible and although it has its faster moments, it doesn’t blast through in a grinding blur. Opener ‘Dead Today, Dust Tomorrow’ and ‘I Am The Reaper’ are the best examples of the Zombiefication sound as described earlier, although they show on the three other tracks that they aren’t afraid to slow things down and add more a much more melodic sound on occasion. ‘We Stand Alone’ goes as far as to introduce clean guitars into the mix.

All in all, it bodes very well for the release of their album in April. A treat for lovers of gimmick free, well executed death metal.

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