zombiefication - at the caves of eternalZombiefication is formally a two piece out out of Mexico although they enlist the help of others on this latest release. They formally list themselves as death metal but I really hate genre labels, if it’s good music, it’s good. I mean the buckets do help with guiding people to music they may enjoy but they can just as easy steer one away from good stuff as well. I like to keep an open mind on any release and experience it as metal music. Zombiefication falls into the same camp as Mutilation Rites and Black Cobra in terms of the music being an amalgamation of many styles.

Lets start with ‘In The Gallery of Laments’, it starts out fairly traditional in what one may call death metal, fast riffs, brutal skin beating, great low end growls but not quite cookie monster style and then we get treated to an 80’s style guitar solo around the midway point. The solo fits so well and flows with the song, so it’s this nice combination of techniques that really adds to the style of guys. The next track ‘The Crypt’ starts off in the rather traditional sense as well but intermixed are some great doom riffs and another bust out solo, these things certainly set them apart from more a traditional death sound. It is a treat to get these variety of style morsels in ones music, really adds to the soul of the album, however blackened that soul may be.

The closing track, Slaves Whisper Your Name’, seems to be a perfect showcase for Zombiefication, the best for last cliche, to be honest. Great drumming, and brutally guided time changes skillfully by Mr. Hammer, no really that’s the name listed on their facebook page, I couldn’t make that up. In truth, the name really fits his style of playing, creative hammering is found on all these tracks. One of the other things that really sets these lads apart is the vocals delivered by Mr. Hitchcock. They are low end fierce growl without heading into the cookie monster style but also have an air of creepiness to them. His delivery embodies the name Zombiefication, in that this could be the soundtrack to any zombie movie out there, his voice is just that creepy.

In short, this is a heavy slab of metal from Mexico, it’s fast, loud, and in your face as metal should be. Interwoven in this  granite are veins of creativity and sampling from other styles that not only accentuate talent but give us listeners bits of black gold to feast on. If you have never heard of these, I think you will appreciate this deathly slab as I do.

Zombiefication – Facebook Page