zolle - zolleSelf proclaimed rednecks, Zolle, are set to release their debut self titled noise ensemble  “Zolle”. This is being released by Supernatural Cat the underground Italian label helmed by a collective featuring two members of fellow gloom masters Ufomammut. All instrumental, most short, all darkly filled with gloom.

Instrumentals can be tough to take, there is no vocals to ad that extra layer, this is naked music if you will, there is no hide and seek with the instruments on this one. We all know those releases with great introductions, lots of vocals and muted riffs arranged so as not to detract from the singing, instrumental bands don’t have that. They have to create a mood and carry its feelings through the length of the album, with no aid and assistance of vocal intonations. These two known as Zolle have done just that. The album is constructed like a wonderful novel, with tracks representing chapters but the thread and plot of the music is ever present and neatly held together.

This evokes one strong emotion and minds eye image for me, held tightly through the entire ten tracks of the release. You know those horror movies that show grainy, fuzzy, black and white TV images of some gore filled spectacle, it is this picture that comes and stays. It is really the perfect soundtrack for those clips of film within film that are meant to build suspense and shock. The peaks and valleys in the Zolle landscape have great build up and manage to sustain the ups through the compositions.

It’s the subtle nature of arrangement that is the key to its success. It slowly insinuates itself in you and before you realize it your pulse is pounding and you start looking over your shoulder for some leather masked crazy in soft but deliberate pursuit. The duo is neither drone slow or grind fast its somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of speed. Its neither gothic or overly melodious in nature but has found an alternate albeit gloomy path. Zolle has managed to weave their tentacles into all the right bites and pieces of metal, taken the small nugget they need, roll it around and some dark polish to it, and put forth a nice eerie soundtrack for just about any activity.

Don’t be scared off by the word instrumental rather let the music get inside your brain and impart its own brand of fear. Fear at the inner most pinnings of your imagination, you know the place, where reality, fantasy, and fear intersect. The place where you are not sure what you just saw or heard, the fear that the unknown has come to reality. Expereince Zolle’s reality it is well worth the listen.

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