Young Turks - Where I RiseStarting out as the side project of their other bands, three years later Young Turks are very much a band in their own right releasing their second record “Where I Rise” on Animal Style Records. The five piece hardcore band from Oregon in the US (not the UK based label with whom they who share their name) are back with a short four track EP of fast paced and punchy, beat laden hardcore.

Kicking off with the lyrics “I don’t give a shit, your music means nothing.” “Where I Rise” is definitely a tell it how it is EP lyrically! There are clear punk and early 2000’s hardcore influences at work here alongside strong lyrical themes of reflecting on struggles and the power of rising above. Those combined may not be anything new and the first two tracks are very typical of this, but it is on the second two tracks of the EP that something begins to standout, about half way through ‘Roe vs. Wade vs. Westbrook’ some particularly uplifting guitar work comes into play that really changes the whole feel of the track when teamed with the honest and empowering tone of the lyrics.

However, it is the last track ‘Old Gods’ that knocks you sideways with initial thoughts of where were they hiding that!? Quickly followed by more of that please! Opening with a hauntingly atmospheric guitar sound and progressing into a beautifully emotive song with elements of a more post hardcore sound thrown in yet not losing those strong screamed vocals and powerful riffs, bloody perfect!

So in short “Where I Rise” shows that Young Turks have way more to offer than it outwardly seems at first glance. I’m pretty excited to see what comes next, with fingers crossed it’s in the same vein as ‘Old Gods’

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