Wormed - ExodromosIn no way do I consider myself an expert on death metal. I was always more of a clean singing guy. The big four were about as heavy as I got. One day, I watched the video for Death’s “Lack of Comprehension”. It had a creepy feel and I was intrigued by the sound. Then I heard “Spheres of Madness” from Decapitated in 2003. I was hooked! My musical tastes started getting even heavier and more diverse because of it. That same year Spain’s Wormed put out their debut album “Planisphaerium” to rave reviews. Unfortunately, due to turnover in the band, no other music came from them other than “Quasineutrality”, a two song single released in 2010. After ten years, they are finally putting out their second full-length album. Willowtip Records (USA) and Hammerheart Records (EU) will release “Exodromos” on March 26, 2013.

On Wormed’s website, they tell us that “Exodromos” is a prequel of “Planisphaerium”. The album tells a story about “futuristic science concepts and chaotic visions of the last human left in cosmos.” Uh, ok, wow, I did not expect that! I can’t tell you how in-depth the lyrics get into this storyline because I didn’t get an actual pressing of the CD. If it does not, good luck in figuring them out on your own! Vocalist Phlegeton has one of the most gutteral, gurgling, indecipherable death metal growls I think I have ever heard. However, his vocals and the music definitely fits the theme of the album; extremely technical waves of engulfingly brutal death metal.I imagine this would be an excellent sound track to being sucked through a quantum wormhole into an alternate universe, like the one main character Krighsu goes through on “Exodromos”.

The opening track “Nucleon” starts out with a low ominous rumble then erupts into a full force blast of technical chaos. The next couple of tracks are more of the same as Wormed continues guide us through Krighsu’s journey. The only breather you get is with a spacey, ambient spoken word interlude on track 4, “Solar Neutrinos”. You still can hardly understand Phlegeton because of his heavy accent.

The musicianship on “Exodromos” is tight as hell. The production on this album is heads above “Planisphaerium” also which makes listening even that much more enjoyable. Wormed have come back with a dynamically brilliant technical death metal record. Let’s hope it doesn’t take them another ten years to do it again.

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