wilt - wiltWinnipeg, Manitoba’s duo of Brett Goodchild (all instruments) and Jordan Dorge (vocals) play your straightforward, atmospheric black metal, something I didn’t realize the central provinces had in them, living closer to the Quebec metal scene.  There’s nothing better than a discovery that buries roots beneath your home turf.  Together since 2010, Wilt released their first EP, “Wilt” through Winter Wolf Records late this past November.

As with pitch which is not necessarily a part of the physical word but subjective to ones perception of frequency, so is the manifestation of atmosphere with black metal albums such as “Wilt.”  Pitch is part of what dictates how a note can make you feel.  The higher, happier notes on a piano, for example, versus the lower end, oscillating at 27.5Hz which is the around the base range (20Hz being the lowest) of our ability to pick up sound, and captivates more of an eerie, dark feel.

To my personal taste, I enjoy the ethereal quality of chiming resonance, smooth angelic vocals and the embodied visual of frozen tundra (Ides of Gemini), or those bands that perform the elevator music to hell (Ash Borer, Deafheaven).  Wilt are stuck somewhere in-between ground level and 13; a strange spot to be and a place where their pitch has yet to resonate with me.

Hypnotic none the less, the mood is constant, with distorted guitar and surprisingly audible vocals I quite enjoyed.  A refreshing twist, as it’s sometimes nice to know exactly what you’re being mesmerized by.  The vibe is chilled yet bright at times, something not necessarily mirrored in their lyrics; sunlight hitting the snow come the thaw, a mood which grows into a thing of beauty near the end of the EP on “Pale Consternation.”  I feel perhaps “Wilt” needs more time to decay on me, submit to its sound and allow my mind to wander on paths less traveled.

As not everything is given just time, nor are the majority willing to sit and wait for the hook to catch, play “Wilt” first with no distraction at first or you may miss what could render you in their hypnotic, frigid state.

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