White Wizzard - The Devil's CutIf you can name a metal band that have gone through as many awkward line-up changes as White Wizzard then you will gain 500 brownie points courtesy of the TINAS headquarters. Back with their 3rd full length studio album entitled “The Devil’s Cut”, White Wizzard are flying the flag for the thriving NWOTHM (New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal) scene, releasing an album jammed full of some of the finest examples of classic heavy metal, putting the likes of: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Saxon to shame. This is an album that is the living embodiment of all things classic – so put on your cut off denim patch jacket, let down your hair and get your hands on “The Devil’s Cut”… A one way ticket back to the 80’s!

Opening with the 2 minute instrumental ‘Forging the Steel’, White Wizzard charge with all guns blazing into 50 minutes of pure, stripped back, good old fashioned heavy metal – flying through a high octane barrage of cantering riffage, piercing vocal lines and catchy choruses. Followed by the high speed ‘Strike The Iron’ and the Maiden esque ‘Kings Of The Highway’, White Wizzard show why they are the greatest NWOTHM band going, leading the way by fine example for bands such as WOLF, Steelwing and Enforcer, and showing the world how true heavy metal music should sound… Fast, heavy… and with a fucktonne of falsetto vocals!

However, it is the more melodic tracks in the form of ‘The Sun Also Rises’ and ‘Steal Your Mind’ that make “The Devil’s Cut” the amazing album it is. White Wizzard have always been good at writing power ballads, but the ones on “The Devil’s Cut” are incredible. By far the best tracks on the album, these two songs show just how diverse and talented metal musicians are – showing through shimmering guitar licks and meaningful lyrics that heavy metal isn’t just a load of noise, but in fact can be beautiful and rather soulful when it needs to be.

It’s such a shame that nothing White Wizzard have ever released since 2008’s “Over The Top” has ever rivaled or bettered that amazing album. Although it may be better than 2011’s “Flying Tigers”, “The Devil’s Cut” is an album that was expected to be as good as, if not better than White Wizzard’s debut, and it’s such a shame that “The Devil’s Cut” did not match it. Sure, songs such as ‘Torpedo of Truth’ and ‘Storm Chaser’ are classic metal anthems in the making, but what White Wizzard really needed on this album was to write songs that go above and beyond anthems. Songs that become instant classics the moment you hit play. Songs that unfortunately can’t be found on “The Devil’s Cut”.

With a UK tour just around the corner and ideas already in the mix for the next White Wizzard album, we can only hope that this is the turning point for the bands musical career. Hopefully, if they manage to maintain their current line-up and they can add a bit more flare and magic into songs similar to that on “The Devil’s Cut”, then we could be set for “Over the Top” Vol. 2. Fingers crossed boys and girls!

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