We Came As Romans - Tracing Back Roots [Review]Hailing from Detroit, the melodic metalcore crew that is We Came As Romans are back with their 3rd full album, “Tracing Back Roots”, releasing it only a mere 2 years since their last release “Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be”.  Released via Nuclear Blast Records, “Tracing Back Roots” is the bands finest and most mature release to date, made up of some of the most memorable, downright catchiest songs of the year so far. With not one dull track in sight and enough sonic breakdowns to demolish a small city, We Came As Romans have released an album that from start to finish will have you begging for more, releasing hook after hook and chorus after chorus until all you can think about is the amazing album that is “Tracing Back Roots”.

The keyboard lines and sound-scapes are a huge part of We Came As Romans signature sound – in fact it is safe to say that none of the tracks on this record would be complete without them. Title track ‘Tracing Back Roots’, the amazing single ‘Hope’ and the more melodic ‘Never Let Me Go’, are all prime examples in which the synth parts beautifully compliment the music – adding an extra layer and melodic dimension to the pummelling drive of the metalcore backing. Without the odd shimmering tinkling of the ivories, We Came As Romans would be your standard run of the mill metalcore band and it goes without saying that it is the keyboard parts that make them the amazing band they are.

The sound quality and production on “Tracing Back Roots” is crystal clear thanks to John Feldmann (D.R.U.G.S, Four Years Strong, Good Charlotte) who produced and mastered the album. He is clearly the driving force behind We Came As Romans more matured sound, and they owe a lot to him – as this is the sound that is going to rocket them into the big league.

Every single song on “Tracing Back Roots” is unique in its very own way. It’s an album that twists and turns at every corner, presenting the listener with eleven completely different songs that rock harder than half of the metalcore songs released this year. Even songs such as ‘A Moment’, ‘I Am Free’ and ‘Through The Darkest Dark and Brightest Bright’ that are at the tail-gate of the album could quite easily have been the main single for this release. Every song presents its own unique take on modern metal, making We Came As Romans one of the most diverse metal bands of the 21st century.

‘Tracing Back Roots’ is no doubt We Came As Romans finest album to date, and if the boys where to release another album like this one, it is certain that the future will be bright for them. Heavy at parts, lusciously melodic in others; ‘Tracing Back Roots’ is one of the catchiest albums that will ever grace your CD player. Prepare to scream the words of these songs till your lungs start to bleed! Yes… They are that catchy!

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