Voodoo Vegas - The Rise of Jimmy SilverIt’s easy to get behind local bands, they are right on your doorstep on a regular basis and have plenty for you to relate to as a listener, however, there’s something about Voodoo Vegas that makes it even easier – the great hooks, the unashamed Guns ’N’ Roses stylings and one of the most affable frontmen the scene has ever spawned in Lawrence Case. Now the band is set to break even further out of their home of Southampton with debut album “The Rise of Jimmy Silver”.

After a brief intro track the album cranks up to 11 with the boisterous ‘King Without A Crown’, with Lawrence demonstrating his vocal ability with aplomb, before ‘Bullet’ and ‘No More’ keep the momentum going. Having seen Voodoo Vegas live before it seems crazy that I heard these songs on such a small stage, when clearly they need the sort of O2 Academy sized venues, as a minimum, to really come alive.

‘What I Pay’ has overtones of Aerosmith, Extreme and Cutting Crew all at the same time and somehow manages to pull it off, working in tangent with the musical interlude that follows it as a breather before ‘Mary Jane’ brings us back in the room with some suitably loud Buckcherry-esque riffage.

By the time ‘Ferry Song’ has treated you to a harmonica solo, you can’t help but realise how few bands have managed to play with this sort of “Classic 80’s Rock” style and sound without becoming just a cheesy parody of themselves and the music they are emulating, but Voodoo Vegas seem to have got the mix of influence and natural stylings down to an art – guitarists Nick Brown and Meryl Hamilton never over playing, drummer Matt Jolly understanding the importance of a beat over flashy fills and time signatures and bassist Ash Moulton linking everything together.

If I had to gripe about anything on this album it would simply be that I found the ‘Intro’ and ‘Interlude’ tracks unnecessary, but first time listeners will undoubtedly find themselves looking up live dates by the time closing track ‘Jimmy Silver’ has rolled around and I can promise two things – 1. They won’t have to wait too long and 2. They won’t be disappointed.

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