Voodoo Circle - More Than One Way HomeWith the release of their brand new album entitled “More Than One Way Home”, AFM Records would indeed seem to be the most appropriate record label of choice for Germany based hard rock band Voodoo Circle. A band who pack their songs ram jam full of vibrant old school rock n’ roll emotion and energy. Made up of 12, all killer, no filler, unfiltered hard rock anthems. “More Than One Way Home” is the bands third full length record; perhaps their finest work to date and certainly one of the finest releases AFM have put out for many years now, containing songs that will instantaneously have you singing and generally rocking out to them like it was 80’s. If you wanted it putting any better, “More Than One Way Home” is simply one hell of a blast from the past that will be in your stereo for years to come.

If you’re well into all the classics like Whitesnake, Thunder and Foreigner, then “More Than One Way Home” is an album you need in your collection. Combining elements of the old school, with the odd power metal frill, Voodoo Circle are a band who pulls no punches when making their songs as catchy and memorable as possible, with tracks such as ‘Graveyard City’, ‘Cry For Love’ and the incredible title track ‘More Than One Way Home’ being the songs that stand out as the “hit singles” that have come from this album.

One thing is for certain with Voodoo Circle and that is that every single member of the band is an extremely talented musician. To name and fame: David Readman (Vocals), Mat Sinner (Bass), Alex Bayrodt (Guitar), Markus Kullmann (Drums) and Jimmy Kresic (Keyboard) are some of the most talented men in the rock and metal scene, and that signature Voodoo Circle sound, as heard in tracks such as ‘Heart Of Babylon’, ‘Tears In The Rain’ and ‘Bane Of My Existence’ would most definitely not be possible if any one of them was not in the band.

Voodoo Circle is unfortunately still a relatively unknown band and hopefully it will be “More Than One Way Home” that is the album that will get them the recognition and support they deserve all across the globe. With ‘The Saint and the Sinner’, ‘Victim of Love’ and ‘Open Your Eyes’ bringing this flawless album to a close, “More Than One Way Home” is a record that twists and turns at every corner, presenting twelve completely different and diverse tracks that are each amazing in their very own way.

“More Than One Way Home” sounds like an album that was forged in hell by the gods of rock themselves and with slick, groove laden riffs, catchy anthemic choruses and incredible musicianship, Voodoo Circle prove why they are Germany’s greatest export, delivering a package full of hard rock heaven in the form of this astounding album.

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