Vomitor - The EscalationEurgh! Can you hear that? It’s the sound of something so foul and disgusting; it shouldn’t be allowed to share the planet with us, despite the earth being in a pretty sorry state of affairs as it is. It’s the sound of three ageing metalheads clad in dirty denim and army helmets attempting to turn your eardrums to fish food with half an hour of terribly produced, single bloody minded black/thrash riffing that serves no purpose other than to perpetuate their reputation as purveyors of blackened filth in a metal scene that has the balls to flirt with things as shocking as melody and image.

Vomitor hail from down under, and it’s seemingly apparent that the searing heat of their homeland has removed any sense of decency or subtlety the members may once have possessed. The vibe is thoroughly apocalyptic; this is music to blast while charging across an irradiated wasteland, hunting down your human prey with a spear made out of a length of metal, which will then be used later to roast their unfortunate flesh across an open fire. The sense of viciousness and merciless intent is unavoidable, make no mistake, Vomitor take no prisoners.

An easiest reference point would be the barbaric din of Blasphemy, yet sped up even more and made to sound even more degenerate. Or maybe Slayer if they were the house band in the Thunderdome and had to play as fast as possible to avoid being selected for combat. There really is little to distinguish between the likes of ‘Prayer of Nightmare’ and ‘Metal or Die’ save for a handful of solos that bear scant resemblance to conventional melody, and that’s precisely the point. There is no variation, there is absolutely no forward thinking going on here and there is absolutely no chance of Vomitor gaining many more fans. This is anti-music for those who despise trends, hate poseurs even more, and pray for nuclear war on a nightly basis. You’re probably not one of them. But for the few who are, “The Escalation” is more fuel to the fire, and an appropriate title, for Vomitor just keep getting more extreme. No mosh. No trends. Just death.

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