Voïvod – BOA Friday August 9, 2013 – Ronnie James Dio Stage

Only a fool underestimates the respect that Voïvod has garnered over the years with their peers and with their legion of hardcore fans. That translates on a late Friday afternoon into an expectant atmosphere for the faithful and the curious who have gathered at the Ronnie James Dio Stage.

The opening salvo of ‘Kluskap O’Kom’ presents a band confident in their recently reformed incarnation and in their latest studio album. Snake’s distinctive pipes sound better than ever as he snarls and prowls the stage like a messenger sent back in time to warn of our impending doom.

Chants of ‘VOÏVOD! VOÏVOD!’ are met with Away’s unmistakable pounding toms, heralding the classic ‘Tribal Convictions’ and some furious arm-flailing from the frustrated drummers in the crowd. The title track from 2012’s “Target Earth” brings us back up to date before we head back again to “Dimension Hätross” for ‘Psychic Vacuum’.

A special treat for Bloodstock is the world premiere of ‘Warchaic’, one of the highlights of “Target Earth”. The ping-ponging setlist, from the new back to classic songs, is the plat du jour and the ease with which material from this lineup slots in with fan favourites is remarkable when one considers they are decades (and lives) apart. Much of that lies at the feet of Dan Mongrain who inhabits the old tunes so fully that the join between, for example, ‘Forgotten In Space’ and ‘Mechanical Mind’ is seamless.

Sci-fi thrasher ‘Voïvod’ from the debut album closes the set. This means no ‘Astronomy Domine’ on this occasion but with five of the ten songs coming from 2012 it’s clear that Voïvod are still on a mission to keep battering at metal’s frontiers rather than living on past glories.

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Photos taken by the excellent Sabrina Ramdoyal for ThisIsNotAScene.