Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Victor Griffin's In-GravedHaving re-joined doom legends Pentagram for their “Last Rites” album and tour and then subsequently left again, guitarist Victor Griffin has put together a new band called In-Graved and their style fits very much under the banner of doom metal – shocker!

However, the idea came about when Griffin contacted drummer Pete Campbell (Place of Skulls) to help record some tracks in the studio. Working without any of the pressures of a fully-fledged band situation, the duo laid down the basics for what was to become In-Graved and once the drum tracks were done Griffin invited several different bass players to contribute, as well as keyboardist Mike Puleo (Orodruin) and Trouble drummer Jeff ‘Oly’ Olson, who added the Hammond organ tracks. But despite the impromptu nature of the recording sessions the final result is a solidly-crafted album of hook-laden doom metal that brings together all the trademarks you would expect but with a rawness that gives it a fresh appeal.

Tracks like the relatively upbeat ‘Late For an Early Grave’ have a little of that Corrosion of Conformity swagger that gives it a slight Southern metal feel, as does the aggressive ‘Never Surrender’, but when Griffin – who also handles vocal duties – slows it down, like on the bluesy ‘Fading Flower’ there is a real power there that reminds of St. Vitus and their monolithic gloom.

With a touring line-up that consists of Griffin, Campbell, Olson and bassist Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed), In-Graved are hitting the road to support this album, and given the consistency of the songs and the beautifully heavy sound that the band creates it should be a set worth hearing.

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