Coffins contributed two tracks to the split this year with Noothgrush. Although only two tracks, they are monsterous in their riffs and brutality. This all on the heals of their release in the summer, “The Fleshland“. Uchino agreed to sit down with ThisIsNotAScene and talk about their recent split and tour.

The new split is packaged and ready for delivery, how do you feel about it?

It has been already sold on last Noothgrush/Coffins Japan tour, and was a very good reaction. So it’s finally released in the world, and we are glad!!

How does it feel to be on a split with legends like Noothgrush?

It’s very very honored for us of course!! This split plan was not included in a Japan tour plan first. But I succeeded in suggesting the idea to them, and realizing it because we were big fans of Noothgrush. Possibly the idea was a good opportunity for having the release by new line-up for them as well. Anyway it was very good timing.

My favorite on your split was Drown in Revelation; can you give us some background on the track? Its quite an intriguing title to be honest, the music is suburb but the title really captured my imagination.

I can’t explain the contents here because ex-vocalist wrote the lyrics. About the titles of our split songs, perhaps he would extract the words from various song titles of ENTOMBED. (It can be imagined easily) But I had left the contents of lyrics to him. So I don’t know at all about the background of it.

How is the tour going?

Already the tour finished… anyway that was awesome!! It was so hard, but there was also no big trouble on tour and lots of fans came to the shows. In Japan, the Doom/Sludge scene is very small. So the pull in customers result is a miracle. Noothgrush guys also enjoyed tour very much.

Any hopes of a US tour, even a small one, in the works, possibly with Noothgrush (hint)?

Yeah, we will play next year at Maryland Deathfest and will have a short tour in the East Coast after MDF!! Looking forward to it because our East Coast tour is for first time in 6 years, too long!! We will not make a tour with Noothgrush. But as they also play again at MDF, we look forward to the reunion with them!!

So whats next for Coffins, any full LP in the works?

As you know, we changed a vocalist now and new vocalist works from 2014. So… first, we will release a single comp album from HPGD. After that, we will release a new EP or a new mini album by new line-up from Hammerheart again, and will do the new album work for Relapse.

Time for last question, can you share a couple of new bands like you like and are listening too?

Hmm… I haven’t been hearing most records of new bands recently. I often listen to GOAT‘s last album “World Music”. That is a great album!! Speaking of new death metal bands, I like each last album of ENTRAPMENT and SKELETAL REMAINS.

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