There’s nothing better as a “pick me up” than some quality live music. Add to that the notion of it being free quality live music, and you really have a winning combination. Tonight, that is exactly what is being delivered by Rocksector Records at Nottingham’s Pit And Pendulum. Two exceptionally talented hot properties, Triaxis and Incassum are providing the noise, as the first date of TriaxisRage and Retribution UK Tour gets underway.

Incassum have the honour of kicking off; a Manchester five piece with the explosive spitfire of a frontwoman Sharleen Kennedy leading the charge. They’s guys really look the part, and look ready to take the world by storm, but a few “technical hitches” mean that we don’t get to hear the true firepower Kennedy possess until their second track of the night. At least the instrumental opener lets us know the boys can really play.

With the vocals sorted, the guys truly hit their stride, Kennedy gives us full on “hold on to your bollocks” moments as she schizophrenically snaps from sweetness and light into the hellchild unleashed. It’s all the best parts of Evanescence’s Amy Lee being engulfed by Tairrie B Murphy. Incassum have presence, ability and confidence in spades. Fizzing with Scandanavian influences, they serve up a set with delicious melodies and scattergun metalcore breaks. They’re rough round the edges, but exciting and fresh with it… and that ain’t a bad thing!

Triaxis are the main dish for tonight. Hailed as a “female fronted Iron Maiden” they have an exceptional live reputation, and tonight the bar has been set even higher, especially having to follow on from the impressive Incassum. No fear though, as this Welsh five piece hit the ground running and do what they do best. It’s fast, furious and hugely entertaining, these five looking just as comfortable crammed together on a tiny stage as they do gracing the festival circuit. Owen (bass) and Giles(drums) are the band’s engine room and driving force, building a rock solid sonic platform for the three Triaxis protagonists, CJ (guitars), Glyn (guitars) and of course the huge pipes and persona of Krissie spearheading the operation.

CJ and Glyn are perfect together, giving a dual fretboard attack, Maiden-eque harmonies interjected with background vocals. CJ’s rhythmic machinery is bang on, time keeping and precision that Rich ‘The Duke’ Ward would be proud of. Glyn’s presence is in his fretwork, sweep picking with fluid nonchalance, bouncing off CJ‘s rhythms. But the true power of Triaxis comes in the form of Krissie K, soaring vocal theatrics aplenty. She connects with the crowd and conducts proceedings with a devilish smile. her sense of humour shining through. Vocally she stands head and shoulders above many, her clarity and passion cuts through the mix like a knife. As a unit, these five are formidable.

Triaxis’ are promoting their quality second album “Rage and Retribution, and are flying the flag high in the metal stakes for Wales. They’re fun, feisty, damn fine to look at, and they are much, much more than a female fronted Iron Maiden. Triaxis are an awesome live force.

Go see them, and support live music.

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