Tony Wright Of TerrorvisionWhen we heard that West Yorkshire’s favourite bouncy nutter, and Terrorvision front man, Tony Wright, was teaming up with bandmate and chief keyboard tinkler, Milly Evans and going acoustic for the Download Festival 2013, our interest was peaked to say the least. It’s not just Download either, as the “Acoustic TV” show will team up with Ricky Warwick and head off on tour across the UK in July… Too good an opportunity to miss, we tracked down Tony to interrogate him further.

Terrorvision live shows are always high energy, and as generic rule “acoustic” ones are more subdued… what will Acoustic TV give us?

Of course by its acoustic nature it won’t be quite as boombastic but hopefully it will give a chance to see another side to some of those songs which Terrorvision have blasted out over the years. It will be a challenge to resort and learn the songs in a way that won’t be just strumming the same chords in the same way and still keeping the integrity of the song. There are many sides to our songs and fingers crossed folk accept them in their alternative form.

Is Acoustic TV, Terrorvision unplugged, or a whole new catalogue?

Acoustic TV will probably be just acoustic versions of Terrorvision songs at Download Festival but will incorporate more of the other stuff me and Milly have been involved with. So you get something old, something new, somethings maybe borrowed and maybe a little bit of swearing, (laughing) Blue…

Are there any particular Terrorvision/Laika Dog songs that transpose themselves really well acoustically?

You will have to tell me that. Of course the only person to hear it so far is a mate and they were more than kind.

What do Leigh, Mark and Cameron reckon to it?

It’s hard getting all members of a band to shake double six at the same time so some have got close and some don’t want a shake…. It really needs to be all cylinders firing for Terrorvision to do what they do best and at the moment I am hoping they are being primed but for now I am trying out this little jet pack …

Do you feel more exposed with the acoustic venture?

Yep! Deffo but I have always put everything out there for folk to do with as they see fit and had the good and the bad times that go with it and I have fairly thick skin….on one of my knees…

Is it just a one off tour/project? Will we see an album at all?

I will see how it goes. It won’t replace Terrorvision but I am loving it at the moment till TV get back and at it…

Acoustic shows are often seen as more intimate, bearing in mind you have Download in a couple of weeks… can you be intimate at a Festival?

If I play my cards right…

What does playing Download mean to you?

Download is a heavy rock heaven in fact it should be spelt heavyn.

You are on at the same time as Motörhead and Thunder at Download, do you ever worry about who is on the other stages, and them poaching your crowd?

Motörhead would get me going to have a listen but not many others. Especially if I have heard that kinda thing done so much better so many times before. I like original music and I think we will come into that category so no real worries. I think you might be missing on something special but a Motörhead/Acoustic TV soup could be in order.

What would be your three festival survival tips?

Eat drink and sleep the festival.

How did the notion of touring with Ricky Warwick come about?

We share an agent so it is what we both wanted to do and our agent said it would be good to do the tour together.

With it being a co-headline tour… how do you decide who closes the show?

By being laid back and relaxed. I don’t mind going on first as it is the first time I have done the acoustic thing. I am sure Ricky wouldn’t mind either as there are better things to think about…

Will there be any collaboration with Ricky on stage?

None planned but you never know. Maybe we should work out ‘cum by ar’ and get a little fire going to sing it round.

Any words of wisdom for our readers, in particular as to why we should come and see Acoustic TV?

Well, unless it is Motörhead you are watching then you will see something you haven’t seen or heard before. Me and Milly are the organ grinders and not the old monkey. Cos festivals are where you can see this for the first time and why wouldn’t you?

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As well as Download, you can catch Tony with Ricky Warwick at the following dates:

Thu 11 July, Exeter – Cavern Club
Fri 12 July, Southampton – The Cellar
Sat 13 July, Rugby – The Vault
Sun 14 July, Bristol – The Fleece
Tue 16 July, Sheffield – Corporation
Wed 17 July, Manchester – Academy 3
Thu 18 July, Glasgow – Classic Grand
Fri 19 July, Aberdeen – Moorings
Sat 20 July, Newcastle – Cluny
Sun 21 July, Leeds – Brundell
Wed 24 July, Brighton – Komedia
Thu 25 July, London – Underworld
Fri 26 July, Wolverhampton – Slade Rooms
Sat 27 July, Nottingham – Rock City