Tom Keifer - The Way Life GoesHaving seen the reformed Cinderella at a festival a few years ago I was slightly disappointed to see singer and main songwriter Tom Keifer struggling with his voice, but despite that it was still a fine nostalgia trip through their back catalogue of solid cock rock and blues rock hits of yore.

I later discovered that prior to that he had reached a point where his vocal chords were damaged so badly he may never sing again and although he was recovering it seemed that trademark howl may be lost, and with the band not having written much new material for a while I lost touch with what he was up to and he seemed to be under or off the radar altogether.

So it was with curiosity I hit play on the review copy of his debut solo effort. Well, butter my thighs and slip me into some leather pants if this isn’t rather grand.

Opener ‘Solid Ground’ launches a whisky soaked scream and a smokey southern riff right through my brain. With splendid backing vocals from his new writing partner (and Mrs. Keifer) Savannah Snow, this is a fine piece of work; a hotchpotch of unfussy, bluesy and warm, with Tom‘s distinctive screech and croon all over it.

The overall sound is reminiscent of Cinderella‘s later, more mature stuff, with hints of The Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Highlights include the swinging ‘It’s Not Enough’, the groove-laden ‘Cold Day In Hell’ and the Quireboys-esque stomp of ‘Fool’s Paradise’.

Tom also deviates from his more familiar style with the moody ‘Welcome To My Mind’, which may not be what fans are expecting but works very well. A pacey, claustrophobic foil to the mellower feel of the rest of the album

Whether you’re an old fan of his stuff or new to him altogether, this is a solid collection of tunes and a warm welcome back from a long cold winter.

Tom Keifer – Official Website