Tim King of US metallers SOiL talks to ThisIsNotAScene about the new album “Whole”, the Kickstarter campaign, Ryan McCombs’ return and much, much more…

Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions, I am a long time fan and its an honor to be able to talk with you. So the new album is now mixed and mastered and ready to go, how do you feel about it?

It’s coming out next week! We are very excited! It came out better than we hoped.

Compare it to “Picture Perfect” for a minute. That was not a bad album but I know a lot of fans didn’t care for softer side coming out, how do you thinks this ranks in comparison to that effort.

We went experimental on “Picture Perfect”. I think that any band that withstands the test of time always does an experimental record at some point. Why? I have no idea. I think we all try to “top or reinvent” ourselves at some point. Originally we were going to make it a double disc. The first side radio rock and the second side all heavy non-radio tunes. It was going to be called “Two Sides To Every Story”. It didn’t end up that way and  Looking back we probably should’ve done that to go with the concept of the record. But with this new album “Whole” we definitely took it a step further in the aggression level and made a very heavy and powerful rock record. It’s probably the heaviest soil album we’ve ever done.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way now, How is it having Ryan back in the family. I have listened to A.J. and seen Jordan in a couple of gigs with you and each have added their own flair and style to the Soil family but it has to feel good to have the original back.

I can’t tell you how amazing it is to have Ryan back. He is the true voice of Soil and it just gives us a feeling of being right back to where we started. It’s been great. I think the other guys did a good job though. Jordan especially had a monstrous voice and was very similar to Ryan’s. But again to have the original voice of the band back is simply amazing. And we are having a lot of fun being back together as well.

Now drummers, it seems you have a touring member as a drummer, are you still looking for the right fit. Let’s be honest Chicago area has some tremendous talent behind the skins, Tom Hane (In This Moment, I saw his old band open for you at the Metro), the retired David Kinkade, and my personal favorite Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Without Waves, Kastasyde), plus many more, is it just hard to find the fit for you.

Our touring drummer Mitch Gable is an amazing drummer in his own right and he’s also a great friend. We had my dear friend Will Hunt (Evanescence, Black Label Society, Device ) play  on the record. We had him confirmed long before we even finished writing the album.  We wanted Mitch to go with us to tour for everything. As for a permanent situation we are keeping all ownership and decisions down to me Adam and Ryan. But as long as Mitch stays as great as he has been (hear that Mitch?!?!) he will be with us for a long long time.

How was the kickstarter experience?

We did it as a way to fund the recording of the album. Also to give the fans some cool stuff they wouldn’t be able to get anyplace else. It turned out pretty well. Although fulfilling all the pledges has become a bit of an experience in its own right!

Are you able to talk about the reason you chose kickstarter rather than staying with the Beiler Bros label?

We are still good friends with the Bielers. In fact they gave us their blessing to go ahead and take a stab at doing this on our own. They are a label that definitely understands the artist side of things. With Jason Bieler coming from the band Saigon Kick, he is an accomplished artist in his own right. I have the utmost respect for the Bielers and they are definitely stand up guys.

Building on this were you happy with the final product of your live album Re-LIVE-ing Scars? I really enjoyed it but I am curious as to your thoughts?

I think it turned out better than we expected. It was our first show back with Ryan and at a sold out 2,000 seat theatre. The camera crew was late and things were set up moments before we hit the stage. Talk about trial by fire! It captured an amazing raw live energy. I couldn’t be happier with it.

I gathered your feelings about downloads from the promo stream that was presented but can you comment on them for our audience?

I have no problem with downloads after the album is out, because by then everyone can get it. It’s just trying to keep excitement and anticipation up till street date. Or in this day and age as close to street date as possible!!

What are your thoughts on the metal music industry or maybe the music industry as a whole? Where do you think its heading?

I think it’s still in an evolving stage. Retail and the CD are still here. They are still viable. Lets face it, eventually technology will win and the CD and retail outlets for music with disappear, but until then we are in a odd situation of needing a record in stores as well as digitally. And that is a tough go between at the moment. So to answer your question, it’s still in a transition. We all just have to ride it out and do the best we can.

Time to for the last question, thought I could probably go on and on, Chicago has such a rich metal music scene and sometimes a scene people don’t know a lot about for example Novembers Doom, Kastasyde, Indian, Twelfth Gate, Ion Vein, Deep Space Pilots, Earthen Grave, Trouble, Diamond Plate, Wings of Severance, plus many many many others. Given the large number of hometown choices who are the top Chicago metal bands you are listening to now?

I think you just mentioned most of them!!!

  1. Ion Vein and Twelfth Gate are very close friends. Love all those guys.
  2. Dope
  3. Fight or Flight, Device, and Disturbed
  4. Nonpoint
  5. Novembers Doom
  6. Macabre
  7. Emperors and Elephants
  8. ADD
  9. Withering soul
  10. Broken Hope
  11. Romantic Rebel
  12. Skank
  13. Earthen Grave
  14. Local H
  15. Trouble, of course!


OK, that’s all I can think of at 9am in the morning!!!! Thanks a ton for the interview!!! I appreciate it.

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