Tigertailz - Knives EPMuch has been written about Tigertailz since their inception 30 odd years ago, covering everything from headlining tours and festival experiences to in-fighting and a revolving line up, with guitarist Jay Pepper being not only the sole original member in the current line-up, but the only to be in band since before this century, although it seems this is a deliberate move on his part.

After folding the band earlier this year Pepper is back, releasing music under the Tigertailz name on a 5 track EP simply titled “Knives.”

Opening track and single ‘Shoe Collector,’ is a bizarre fix of glam rock, either about nothing at all or about an old glam rocker with girls sized feet, either way the opening lines of ‘Back in Black’ do not belong there.

Pseudo rock ballad ‘One Life’ follows it, all synth verse and power ballad chorus while vocalist Jules Millis falls short of the highs of Kim Hooker, but does a competent job in his range.

‘Bite the Hand’ is perhaps a little more of what the fans were after and is certainly better than anything this reviewer could produce, but still feels like it falls short of the standard currently being set by newer bands playing within the same genre.

‘Spit it Out’ (not a cover of a certain masked band) is more of the same and the EP closes out on ‘Punched in the Gutz’ (sic) a song that starts well enough and certainly has enough meat to get your head nodding, but then delves into the sort of lyrics one would expect from someone slightly newer to writing original material.

Perhaps that is the charm of Tigertailz or perhaps it’s just impossible to capture how good the band are on record and you really need to see them live. This EP, however, sounds more like Poison tribute band and isn’t much to get excited about.

I’m sure fans of Tigertailz would disagree with me though and, with a recent revival of the more “old school” rock, perhaps this is the first step in the band’s comeback and with the right gigs there is no reason why that shouldn’t happen.

The band is actually on tour right now so check www.tigertailz.co.uk for dates.