Tidal Arms - Tidal ArmsBrooklyn based trio, Tidal Arms, are set to release their self titled sophomore album on the Black Numbers label. Labeled as incorporating various elements of post-hardcore, noise, and doom into their sound certainly sounds appealing to a wide audience. Lets see how this eclectic mix holds up through ten tracks.

“Tidal Arms” starts of with a blistering percussion section drive, opener titled ‘Gooskis Ladder’. interspersed with the hard driving beat is some well planned and even better laid fret work adding perfect accentuation to the song. The vocals are completely in the moment of the song, and are neither overpowering or soft spoken. They just fit right in. A well assembled track that leaves at least my own expectations high.

From there is it all kinda goes crazy and not necessarily in a good way. The remain tracks save one are an odd assortment of progressive metal sound and some crazy time changes we all come to associate with more noise type metal of late. They are nicely executed and the high level of musicality is certainly there but the album seems to wander around a bit. Almost as if they can’t quite decide what kind of tracks they want to lay down. Take ‘Jungle of Dust’ as an example, starts off in the doom vein and quickly jumps in with a more proggy sound then dropping into noise style. It is well done by Tidal Arms but almost seems out of place a bit.

They do have a nice traditional doom sounding instrumental called ‘Mad Glacier’’. All things one would expect for a doom laden track. It is low and slow and well executed. This trio has loaded of talent. ‘Molasses’ is another example of where they take a walk through the elements of many genres, well done and parts of it seem to fit the theme. On a personal level when a band goes through so many generes in one song, I tend to drift off a bit and kind of loose that mental momentum that a song tries to start and keep through the track.

In the end one could argue that ‘Gooskins Ladder’ and ‘Mad Glacier’ are the ones out of place and the other tracks fit nicely in the crazy sound puzzle that is Tidal Arms. For me it was that first impression of the opener that set my expectations for the album, I can have a bad opener and still love the album but when the opener is solid and the rest doesn’t live up it becomes hard for me to stay with it. Maybe its because I was grew up in the 80’s or the age of the one hit wonders, who knows. These lad have the goods and put up a great offering and I know there will be many many fans out there, me personally, they just lost me but I give them hight marks for two of their tracks and the talent that I hear. If you like prog stuff with some crazy noise metal time changes give it a go you will like these Brooklynites.

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