This Century - Biography Of Heartbreak [Review]It’s Friday night. You’ve just finished a 40 plus hour work week and you’re in a funk. The cheapest way to lift your spirits is to turn to music. One of the best things about pop music is its ability to turn you into an optimist and completely change your mood. This is exactly what “Biography Of Heartbreak” by This Century does. The album seems to speak more to females and young adults and we enjoyed every minute of it.

This Century, who is originally from Phoenix, Arizona and formed in 2005, consists of Joel Kanitz (Vocals), Sean Silverman (Guitar), Alex Silverman (Bass), and Ryan Gose (drums). They formed in high school and produced their first EP in 2007. “Biography Of Heartbreak” is their second album.

Although this album can seem full of saccharin, This Century does a good job of combining pop and light rock, as if merging Fall Out Boy and One Direction. They are a fun band to listen to. They don’t dive heavily into context in their lyrics, keeping it light and enjoyable.

On the negative side, we love lyrics with content and meaning. When listening to this album, the lyrics seem like an afterthought. There is nothing deep or brilliant about these lyrics. It’s like cotton candy. When you go to a fair, baseball game, or carnival, it’s the cotton candy that is calling your name. You want it on specific occasions, not on a daily basis.

You can’t get too much of a good thing, and you can’t help listening to This Century without picking out a few of your favorites.

‘Slow Dance Night’ has an infectious, stripped down guitar riff intro which is an amazing way to start this album. The simplistic catchy lyrics have you singing along by the repeat of the chorus.

‘Forbidden’ takes the hype down with lyrics that are more thought provoking than some of the other tracks. It is a classic unrequited love story that every pop album has and would be incomplete without, although it is not a tragic tale. It’s full of honesty and feeling.

‘Biography Of Heartbreak’, track 12, takes you back to the boy band days of Back Street Boys, with its addicting beat and fun lyrics. It is catchy and entertaining and we are not embarrassed to say we love it.

While the lyrics were a disappointment for us due to the lack of great one-liners, like Fall Out Boy, the overall feeling of the album was fun and entertaining, leaving us wanting more. You find yourself listening to this album, not paying much attention to the lyrics until the catchy chorus, and suddenly, you’re drawn in and enraptured by the pop beats and you’ve forgotten about your shit week.

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