The Sun Aesthetic - Adeline“Adeline” by The Sun Aesthetic is, simply put, a ray of golden sunshine … bright, warm, uplifting, and an utter pleasure … 21 upbeat minutes of sheer delight … a delight I cannot get enough of right now.

Their sound sits at the more electronic end of post rock. It is a vibrant, layered sound that sparkles in the sun like Meyer‘s idiosyncratic Vampire in daylight … yet continues to shine well after the sun has gone down.

The melodies presented sing and dance in the listener’s ear … they are expertly enhanced with layers of percussion & supporting sounds to create a truly magnificent wall-of-sound … one with movement & variety.

In fact, it was to The Echelon Effect that my mind moved when I first heard “Adeline” – they share a common expression of music through melody, percussion, and layering that I absolutely adore.

The Sun Aesthetic also share with The Echelon Effect an ebb-and-flow approach to dynamics that I enjoy … they wind down, get softer & softer before BAM! their music is loud and vibrant once more … I really do love that approach.

I must also make mention of the cover that adorns this release … it really does help to convey a sense of this album … the image presented is one of timeless quirkiness with a warm, fresh, luscious background. It really stood out for me & will, no doubt, continue to do so … especially with the album’s name – “Adeline” – listed in Century Gothic which is one of my fave font families right now.

My only criticism of this EP is that it is too short … but then it *IS* an EP and my expectations should be set accordingly. I simply glad I have what I have.

“Adeline” by The Sun Aesthetic is one of my tunes for this summer and one I am grateful to have been given to consider. It is a bright, breezy & delightfully upbeat number that brightens my day whenever I put it on. Oxide Tones are on a roll with this EP & kudos to them!

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