The Revolver! - Wherever Nowhere Takes UsFor those of you not familiar with The Recovery! they are 5 piece hailing from Glasgow and though you may not have heard of them yet, chances are that you soon will.  They are a name that is cropping up in the magazines with increasing regularity and the 2nd track from the new EP, ‘The Faint & Fragile’, is currently getting regular airplay across the likes of Scuzz, MTV Rocks and Kerrang.

This is quite an achievement for a band that only made their live debut in 2011 and have already notched up support slots for the big names including Cancer Bats, Transit and Title Fight.  It is appropriate that they appeared on the same line-up as Cancer Bats as they were one of the bands that sprang to mind while listening to the new 5 track EP “Wherever Nowhere Takes Us”.  They pull no punches and things get off to a blistering start with opening track ‘Krokodil’, the moody intro section leading into a tale of despair and anguish that from the Russian name for a homemade heroin substitute that has a nasty side-effect of turning your skin scaly and is dubbed ‘the drug that eats junkies’.

The second track shows that there is more to the band than letting rip and reveals a more melodic side with some tidy harmonies and a riff with another groove to have you nodding along before you even realise it.  It is the variations that make this EP so listenable, rather than sticking to the usual hardcore formula they have been able to bring an element of rock n’ roll to proceedings.

You could just as easily imagine they come from Alabama with the ‘down south’ swagger they have as you can Glasgow with the sharp as a knife-edge the songs also have to them.

The EP really is a belter, proving that there is more to music in Glasgow than Del Amitri and Travis.  Which I am sure you will agree, is a good thing.

“Wherever Nowhere Takes Us” is due out on Monday 11th February from Coldwar Legacy Records.

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