The Goddamn Electric - Snake BiteOver the past several years, the North West have spawned forth some of the UK’s hottest rock and metal bands, a fine example being The Goddamn Electric – a Manchester based fourth piece who although may have been on the scene for a number of years now have only just released their debut album, “Snake Bite”. Made up of 10 hard hitting rock anthems containing just over a metric fuckton of pure southern rock swagger. “Snake Bite” is an album that from start to finish will have any listener hooked, spawning forth razor sharp guitar riffs, anthemic choruses and just sheer talent left right and centre. “Snake Bite” by The Goddamn Electric… One of the UK’s finest hard rock debut’s of the past 5 years!

Opening with the track ‘Loyal to the Sinner’ – a song the band used as their debut single and first music video. The Goddamn Electric hit the ground running with this release, spewing hard rock heaven on the ears from the word go as riff after riff come flying out at you. There isn’t a dull moment on “Snake Bite” and ‘Something More’ is closely followed by fan favourites ‘Morning Injection’ and ‘Jealous Contradiction’ –  two songs taken from the bands demo that you can’t help but have a jolly good time listening to.

Tracks new to The Goddamn Electric’s musical repertoire include the slow, yet slick song ‘Scarecrow’, the guitar driven ‘Revive and Survive’ and of course the album’s title track ‘Snake Bite’. Tracks like these where written with the intention of being performed live, containing choruses that will be stuck in your head for years to come. It’s the sign of a band that are going to go places when the tracks leap out at you through your speakers, urging the listener to sing along, bang their head, and throw the horns spontaneously in the air.

Now onto a track that deserves a review all to itself. ‘Holding Me’ may be at the tail end of the album, but it is hands down one of the finest tracks on it, sounding like it has been plucked straight from a Clint Eastwood movie. Opening with a surreal acoustic guitar driven lick that is an utter contrast to most of the material on the rest of the album, ‘Holding Me’ proves just how diverse The Goddamn Electric are as a band, delivering seven and a half minutes of sheer musical talent and topping off one hell of a flawless album!

2013 has only just begun and The Goddamn Electric’s new album “Snake Bite” is proving to be a highlight of it already. Manchester is the home of many an awesome rock and metal band, but after the release of “Snake Bite”, The Goddamn Electric has proved that they are no. 1; through ten of the finest rock anthems that will ever grace your ears.

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